Chained Soldier Season 2 Release Date, Trailer Release, Cast, Storyline, and Everything You Need to Know

Fans of the dark fantasy anime “Chained Soldier” really want to know: Is there going to be a Chained Soldier Season 2? We don’t know the official answer yet, but let’s guess and talk about what might happen next in Yuuki’s story.

Chained Soldier Season 2 Release Date:

A Glimpse into the First Season:

A chained Soldier burst onto the scene in January 2024, following the story of Yuuki, a boy branded a slave and forced to fight monsters with the power of a mysterious parasite. Joined by the formidable warrior, Setsuna, Yuuki navigates a world riddled with danger and struggles to unravel the secrets of his past.

The first season, with its blend of action, dark fantasy elements, and complex character dynamics, captured the hearts of many viewers. But it also left them with burning questions and a yearning for more.

Chained Soldier Season 2 Update:
As of today, October 26, 2023, there is no official release date for Chained Soldier Season 2. The anime adaptation began in January 2024, and with only 4 episodes aired so far, it’s too early for a concrete announcement.

However, the question of “when” continues to linger in the minds of eager fans. Let’s unravel the possible threads of a future season:

Potential Clues:

Manga Abundance: With 14 published volumes of the source manga by January 2024, sufficient material exists for further anime explorations.

Critical Reception: Reviews have been mixed, with praise for action sequences and critique for pacing and character development. Still, a dedicated fanbase fuels hope.

Streaming Performance: Viewership numbers on platforms like HIDIVE will play a key role in renewal decisions.

Speculative Timeline:

If renewed, production could take around 12-18 months, placing a potential release window between mid-2025 and early 2026.

Cast and Characters in Table:

CharacterDescriptionVoice Actor (Japanese)Voice Actor (English)
Yuuki WakuraThe protagonist is branded a slave and forced to fight with a parasitic power.Yūto UemuraKyle Phillips
SetsunaA skilled warrior who becomes Yuuki’s partner.Mikako KomatsuMadeleine Morris
LonaA mysterious girl with ties to Yuuki’s past.Aoi YūkiLara Jill Miller
HalbertAn enigmatic figure controlling the slave system.Kazuyuki OkitsuRay Chase
GurenA powerful slave warrior and Setsuna’s rival.Daisuke NamikawaTodd Haberkorn
ShutenA cunning and manipulative slave trader.Kenichi SuzumuraJ. Michael Tatum
DioA wise and gentle mentor from Setsuna’s past.Hiroki TachiChristopher Sabat

Additional Characters:
Kyouka (Yuuki’s childhood friend)
Ryouma (A skilled swordsman)
Kagura (A slave with healing abilities)
The Guardians (Powerful entities overseeing the slave system)

Rating and News:

MyAnimeList: 7.20 out of 10
IMDB Rating: 5.9/10
Fan Reception: Mixed, with praise for the action and dark fantasy elements but criticism for the pacing and character development.

Season 2 Confirmation: No official confirmation yet, but speculation is high due to the ongoing manga and a dedicated fanbase.
Manga Progress: 14 published volumes as of January 2024, providing ample material for future seasons.
Streaming Platform Performance: Viewership numbers on HIDIVE will be a key factor in renewal decisions.
Recent News: No major news since the anime’s initial premiere in January 2024

Chained Soldier Season 2 Storyline:

The world of Chained Soldier, where monstrous Shuuki threatens humanity and slaves wield forbidden powers, boasts a captivating storyline brimming with dark fantasy, action, and questions of identity. Let’s delve into the existing threads and speculate on what potential paths Season 2 could take:

Season 1’s Threads:

Yuuki’s Cursed Destiny: A high schooler thrust into a brutal world, branded a slave, and forced to fight with a parasitic being. His journey is one of wrestling with control, uncovering his past, and defying his predetermined fate.

Setsuna’s Fiery Resolve: A skilled warrior burdened by responsibility, Setsuna guides Yuuki and seeks to dismantle the slave system. The bond between them forms the emotional core of the narrative.

Lona’s Mysterious Past: Shrouded in an enigma, Lona holds the key to understanding Yuuki’s powers and the secrets of the Shuuki. Her role promises intriguing revelations in future seasons.

Halbert’s Manipulation: The enigmatic architect of the slave system, Halbert represents a formidable force Yuuki and Setsuna must ultimately confront. His motives and true ambitions remain veiled.

Season 2 Possibilities:

Breaking the Chains: With the oppressive slave system challenged, Season 2 could explore the consequences of rebellion and the struggle for freedom. Will Yuuki embrace his power or reject its shackles?

Deeper into the Shuuki Mystery:

In the main story, finding out where the Shuuki come from and understanding their link to the parasites could be a big focus. It might reveal interesting background details about their world.

Looking at Lona’s story, her mysterious character needs exploring. Season 2 could uncover who she is, why she does what she does, and what part she plays in the ongoing conflict.

Confronting Halbert: The inevitable showdown with the mastermind behind the slave system promises an epic clash. 

Learning about his past and reasons for acting the way he does could give us a really good understanding of the powerful forces at play in the world.

What to Expect in Chained Soldier Season 2:

Fans of Chained Soldier, the dark fantasy anime that ignited our inner demons back in January 2024, are yearning for one thing: Season 2. While an official announcement remains shrouded in mystery, let’s crack open the speculation vault and unleash some electrifying possibilities for Yuuki’s chained destiny.

Season 1:

We witnessed Yuuki, branded a slave and bound to a parasitic power, struggle against monstrous Shuuki in a world teetering on the brink. Setsuna, a warrior with fire in her eyes, became his guide and comrade, sparking a bond that fueled the narrative. With cliffhangers dangling like barbed wire and questions begging for answers, Season 1 left us desperate for more.

But what horrors and triumphs await in Season 2? Here are some tantalizing threads to ponder:

Shattering the Chains: The oppressive slave system, a festering wound on the world, promises to be challenged. We could see Yuuki and Setsuna ignite a rebellion, their fight for freedom reverberating through the land. Will they dismantle the chains that bind countless souls, or succumb to the darkness they seek to overthrow?

Unraveling the Shuuki Enigma: As enigmatic as they are monstrous, the Shuuki hold the key to many mysteries. Season 2 could delve deeper into their origins, exploring their connection to the parasites and the secrets of their world. Will we witness a fragile peace forged, or a full-blown Shuuki apocalypse unleashed?

Lona’s Secrets Unleashed: Shrouded in shadows, Lona’s true identity and motives remain a tightly locked puzzle. Season 2 might unlock its secrets, revealing her connection to Yuuki and her hidden power. Will she become a trusted ally or a formidable foe with agendas of her own?

Halbert’s Mastermind Game: The puppet master behind the slave system, Halbert’s ambitions remain shrouded in ambiguity. Season 2 could offer a glimpse into his past, motives, and the machinations that drive him. Will Yuuki confront him in a showdown for the ages, or will Halbert continue to pull the strings from the shadows?

Note: These are just exciting speculations, fueled by the tantalizing threads left dangling in Season 1. The ongoing manga might offer hints about potential story arcs, but the true path remains a thrilling unknown.

Where to Watch Chained Soldier Season 2:

As of today, January 28, 2024, you can watch Chained Soldier on the following platforms:

Streaming Services:

  • HIDIVE: This is the primary platform where Chained Soldier is officially available globally. You can sign up for a free trial or subscribe to watch all four episodes and future episodes of the anime, assuming there is a Season 2.
  • Other Platforms: While not confirmed yet, there’s a possibility for Chained Soldier to appear on other streaming services in the future. Keep an eye out on platforms like Crunchyroll, Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon Prime Video, especially if Season 2 gets announced.

Buying Options:

  1. Digital Purchase: Currently, there’s no official information about purchasing individual episodes or the entire season digitally. This possibility might materialize if the anime gains enough popularity.
  2. Physical Release: Similarly, there’s no news about releasing Chained Soldier on physical formats like Blu-ray or DVD yet. However, depending on demand and popularity, this option might become available in the future.

Important points to remember:

  • HIDIVE is currently the only confirmed platform to watch Chained Soldier.
  • Keep an eye out for potential availability on other platforms and buying options in the future.
  • Supporting the official release of HIDIVE helps increase the chances of a continuation and future accessibility.


While we wait for the official announcement, remember, comrades of the Chained Soldier fandom, speculation is our battle cry! Discuss theories, dissect cliffhangers, and create fan art that keeps the hype alive. Dive into the manga, explore the story beyond the anime’s current point, and discover even more secrets about the world and its characters. Revisit Season 1, and analyze the themes, character arcs, and foreshadowing to fuel your speculation engine. Let’s keep the fire of anticipation burning bright! Even without a confirmed release date, the possibilities for Chained Soldier Season 2 are as thrilling as the battles Yuuki faces. Until the chains of uncertainty fall away, we can celebrate the existing story, speculate with wild abandon, and keep the community buzzing with excitement.

Is Chained Soldier getting an anime?

Yes, it’s anime. Chained Soldier anime adaptation set to premiere on January 4, 2024

How many volumes of chained soldiers are there?

 14 volumes have been released.

Is chained soldier a harem?

they are not his harem.

What studio is animating chained soldiers?

animation studio Seven Arcs.


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