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The Farrell Edge LLC is a professional marketing & creative firm located in Rochester, New York. Bob Farrell won the top Rochester creative award, Best of Show, his first year in business, and has won many awards since then. With over 35 years of successful marketing and advertising experience, Bob Farrell is dedicating his final 20 years of his career to helping small to medium size business owners realize their true growth potential.



Advertising Case Histories

from Bob Farrell
NOTE: The following examples demonstrates a case-by-case history of
strategic planning,  problem solving, goal setting, and target marketing

Client: Pinnacle Liquor
Background: Owner moved from Penfield to Brighton NY and wanted to increase sales on a small marketing budget. TV and Radio were not affordable.
Results: We created a direct mail drip invite campaign that helped increase additional sales by over a million dollars in it’s second full year and increased his discount card club by thousands.


Client: Eastview Mall Grand Opening
Background: One of Rochester New York’s largest mall complexes
Results: Reported by mall marketing staff that the grand opening was the most successful grand openings in the company’s history. Anchor stores reported sales figures far exceeding their original estimates.(Owners own six malls) We produced their jingle too!


Client: Pace Window & Door
Background: Regional replacement window manufacturer and installer with locations in Buffalo, Syracuse and Rochester New York. We took over the account when the client was complaining of soft sales due to the recession of 2002-2003.
Results: We took the account over in June of 2003 and helped increase sales by 20% within the first six months of working with the client without increasing their advertising budget from the previous year. “:developed the slogan,: A BETTER window, a BETTER value, a BETTER Guarantee.


Client: Carmine’s Family Restaurants
Background: 50's style carhop restaurant
Results: We helped grow their operation from one to three locations and from $400k/year to over $3million in sales. Within the first three years, the owners received an offer of $3.5 million to buy them out. We also helped create Muppet characters from a puppeteer from Sesame Street to
shot creative TV commercials. Developed the line, “It taste so good–you won’t want to share itÔ.” Introduced the kid club card.


Client: Yellow Goose Markets
Background: A convenience store chain of 26 locations in Buffalo New York
Results: We increased sales from $7 million to $ 21 million in sales within four years. Gas sales were an additional $20 million in sales. Developed the line, “No one can compare–to the one you know that’s always there”.


Client: The NERVE radio station
Background: Station changed their format from contemporary to modern rock. They need to get the word out with a campaign that would be cost efficient and attention grabbing.
Results: We increased listenership 400% within the first four weeks. It jilted the #1 classic rock station to the point that they pursued buying out the NERVE.


Client: LPGA Ladies Professional Golf Association
Background: The LPGA needed interview footage of the players for an upcoming show.
Results: We were hired to shoot the footage on location at one of their largest tournaments on tour. At the end of the project, we handed over more than 20 beta tapes of professionally shot content.


Client: Ray Sand Glass
Background: Small two bay auto glass shop that was scared the larger glass shops would put them out of business
Results: Grew to a mega-complex shop with sales exceeding all other glass shops in their market area. We developed the line, “It doesn’t matter how it shatters,...who repairs it does!Ô”.Their explosive growth help put the old #1 glass shop under credit protection.


Client: Ace Swim and leisure
Background: Family run business that was 33 years old.
Results: We created an image and unique marketing proposition in 1990 that is still used today.
We doubled the sales of the company the first year with our firm. We developed the “ACE $500 Challenge” that is still used by the client today.


Client: Vanderstyne Ford
Background: Number “4" Ford dealer in the Rochester New York Area.. Company was 25 years old and a family run business. 
Results: Within a few short years, we helped put the first and second place Ford dealerships out of business. Vanderstyne Ford rose to become the number one Ford dealer in the area, and became the most profitable dealership in Rochester. Developed the line, “We ARE Service! 

Client: Arnie’s Auto Glass Center
Background: Auto Glass locations throughout Michigan
Results:35% increase in sales within 2000. Their slogan, “We do it all with just one call


Client: Poseidon Pools
Background: Client spent $300,000 in advertising within a five month period.
Results: We took the account on a bet with the marketing director that we could sell more pools on a $250,000 budget. We increased sales by 100%

Client: Sheraton Four Point Hotel
Background: The Holiday in downtown Rochester New York was purchased by Sheraton to be converted to a Sheraton Four Points Hotel. We were hired to perform the PR for the changeover.
Results: We coordinated all PR between the mayor’s office and the transition team for the Sheraton. The Vice president of Sheraton flew in for the press conference we had arranged. He commented that it was the most successful press conference he had attended in his history with the Sheraton. All TV news reporters, radio reporters and print reporters, as well as the mayors office were on hand for all the grand opening announcements 


Client: Cave Cabinetry Concepts
Background: An established kitchen and bath designing business that wanted to grow.
Results: We increased sales 100% two years in a row.


Client: Present Company
Background: A 100 year old specialty store chain with seven locations throughout New York, Connecticut and Road Island
Results: They had a in-house agency, but hired our agency for their going out of business sale. Our job was to clear out $60,000,000 worth of merchandise in six weeks. They were completely sold out in four weeks, saving hundreds of thousands on advertising in seven markets.


Client: The SOURCE
Background: Jewelry store owner was in search of a quality creative campaign that would generate floor traffic and boost sales and profits significantly.
Results: With a creative campaign shot on 35mm film, I helped increase sales by 50% for the Valentine season (during an soft economic recession), and an increase of 30% for the beginning of the year 2002.


Client: Nothnagle Reality and Nothnagle Home Securities
Background: Family run business that is number one in their market
Results: We developed the Slogan, “The MortgageMaster.They reported highest sales of their history and we got a standing ovation from the agents on our new TV campaign creative.


Client: Auto Glass Specialist
Background: Successful auto glass chain located in Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, and Indiana
Results: We produced new TV productions that increased sales by 35% and awareness to their company name by 35%.


Client: Towner’s Bike Shop
Background: This bike shop was stated in 1910 and never saw over $250,000 in sales in it’s 70 year history.
Results: We established Towner’s Bike Shop as “The Bike” shop for bike enthusiast. We increase sales from $250,000 to over $1.1 million in their first year with our company.
Slogan, “Enter a new dimension at Towner’s Bike Shop


Client: Park Ave Bike
Background: A bike store chain that started on “Park Avenue.”
Results: We increased sales by 100% two years in a row. Their slogan, “On the edge, on the move at Park Ave Bike”.


Client: Mario’s Restaurant
Background: Popular Italian Restaurant 
Results: We came up with the line “At Mario’s,...you’re not just a customer, you are--my special guestÔ”. That slogan was developed in the early 1980's and is still used as the major marketing positioning today. Back then, we had business owners recite a power statement on every ad.

Client: Pet World
Background: Started as Aqua Shoppe with one location
Results: We develop the hook line, “Where your next best friend---is waiting for you
Client grew to five locations within a few years


Client: Denton Cottier & Daniels
Background: Piano and organ sales in four markets
Results: We helped hem sell over $500,000 of pianos in four markets at time of the year that they didn’t normally sell any pianos.


Client: Monroe County Volunteer Firefighters and Ambulance
Background: They needed more recruits
Results: We developed a powerful and dramatic full marketing campaign that sported the slogan, “When was the last time you saved a life?


Client: Fronco’s Pizzeria
Background: Chain of three pizza shops in the Buffalo NY market area. The client was looking to grow and differentiate himself from the competition
Results: When hearing of a square pizza pan, we convinced the owner to use the pans in all of his locations and design a unique campaign around it. We then developed the slogan “We don’t cut corners Ô”.With our pizza, you get 20-30% more pizza for FREE!