Why do you need a creative business consultant?

You are great at knowing your business, but how well do you know and understand the marketing and advertising game. Here's four ways you will benefit from my personal business coach training:



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The Farrell Edge LLC is a professional marketing & creative firm located in Rochester, New York. Bob Farrell won the top Rochester creative award, Best of Show, his first year in business, and has won many awards since then. With over 35 years of successful marketing and advertising experience, Bob Farrell is dedicating his final 20 years of his career to helping small to medium size business owners realize their true growth potential.

Mr Farrell's innovative marketing has benefited companies in over 200 markets through the USA and Canada. Examples of past success stories: the grand reopening of Eastview Mall, Mario’s Restaurant, Carmines, Ace Swim & Leisure, Park Ave Bike, Vanderstyne Ford & Toyota, Pinnacle Liquor, Caves Kitchens, Yellow Goose Markets, Ray Sands Glass, Isaac Heating, WPXY Radio, The NERVE Radio, Pace Windows, The SOURCE Jewelry, Nothnagles, Pet World, Monroe County, Mac’s II automotive, Metro Tire and much more.

In the future: UNBLOCKING your personal, business & creative self

Bob Farrell, with Anthony Marotti, will be conducting local and regional seminars throughout 2018 & 2019. The biggest obstacle to moving forward in life is fear, and our seminars will give participants the right tools to break through fear and pursue the goals they set for themselves. In the past, Bob Farrell was hired by Pilkington Glass in England, the largest glass manufacturer in the world, to conduct marketing seminars for owners of small businesses throughout the USA and Canada. In addition, he has published numerous articles in national trade publications and local papers.